“Childhood is a world of miracles and wonder of creation bathed in light, coming out of darkness, terribly new, fresh and amazing,” said Eugene Ionesco.

The International Film Festival for Children and Teenagers “DREAM FEST CINEMA” is built on the structure of the Giffoni Festival from Italy – the largest children’s film festival in the world and the Romanian producer is PRO FAMILIA  Association.


“Dream Fest Cinema” brings together filmmakers, producers and film distributors from Romania and from abroad, personalities of the cultural and artistic life, representatives of civic organizations in the field of education, but also policy makers from central and local levels, with responsibility for culture and education.

At each edition of the Dream Fest, in its sections “Contest” and “Panorama”, are participating  invited  filmmakers and the most successful genre films from over 20 countries are presented free to the audience. In addition, the festival organizes special events dedicated to certain personalities and film genres, as well as creative workshops around  educational and ecologiy themed  films for the young  generation.

In 2011, director Cornel Diaconu – the founding president – took the initiative to organize at Slatina, an international film festival for children , named “Dream Fest Cinema”.

He managed to complete the first edition, to which was invited Claudio Gubitosi, director and founder of the most important film festival for children in the world – “Giffoni Film Festival” and, in appreciation,  he offered his patronage to this Romanian event.

Appointed as “Godfather” of Dream Fest Cinema – Claudio Gubitosi – made an intense promotion of our festival at Giffoni Experience and through the information channels of the Giffoni Film Festival, as well.

DREAM FEST CINEMA  can be proud of many accomplishments, being eagerly awaited and loved by children; acclaimed by creators and professionals from the film world, from Romania and abroad; recognized and respected by domestic and international competitors; supported by National Center of Cinematography and  many people from art and culture related areas  like literature, painting, music, photography, dance etc.

Dream Fest Cinema can become a cultural brand for children and teenagers, through which we can change for better their future.

The film of all genres, fiction, animation, documentary, is one of the highest tools of cultural and educational impact , among all segments of the population, and especially  for children and youth. Dream Fest Cinema  can convince the children and teenagers that there are other ways of leisure than in front of the TV or a computer, while sending to these young receptors useful information about sane social behavior.

Obedient toys

We always will be

Now children-parents

Then parents-children

            Adrian Paunescu