Ioan-Răzvan Sava – România

Mayor of Bucharest

“Culture has never destroyed civilization, but civilization can be the death of culture” I chose this quote of Romanian philosopher and essayist Vasile Bancila because – unfortunately – it is very up-to-date. The laptop, smartphone or other modern gadgets are moving off our youth from movement, sport, culture. The City Hall of Bucharest  has encouraged and will continue to encourage any actions related to sport or culture, in order to bring an added value in the formation of our youth. Dream Fest Cinema has  become  already traditional and adds significance to the cultural events of the city.
Bucharest needs culture. Our young people need culture. Our capital needs an event like Dream Fest.

Robert Negoita 100 35

Robert Negoiţă  – România

Mayor, District 3 – Bucharest

One of the priorities of my mandate as mayor of Sector 3  has been organizing a larger number of cultural events.
I am glad we can be partners for the second year in a row, and support the children’s film festival – Dream Fest Cinema.
I hope to continue this tradition in the coming years.


Lavinia Şandru – România

Festival Director

Childhood is like spring! Wings and dreaming, imagination and play, drawing and music. The space where all these gather under one name is “Dream Fest “ – International Film Festival for Children and Teenagers.
Each spring, we bring together artists and children to emulate the ideas. We provide them films to transpose in a new world and we show the straight paths for the life awaiting them.
Five days of the festival, where the art plays in sand, and children and teenagers learn to spend their time in a nice way, consuming culture for their wiser future.
“Dream Fest” is a dream that we’ve turned into reality. Your task is to transform our reality into dream!


 Marin Vladimir – România

Artistic director Dream Fest Cinema

Each new edition of  Dream Fest Cinema, far from automatism or creating a routine that eases the labor of organizers, means even more unexpected obstacles to override. Truth is, that the taste of success is way more intense, as the biggest difficulties are overcome. The sixth edition of the festival has something to boast: films representing 14 countries from Europe, Asia, South America, with varied themes, able to capture the interest of children and teenager audience. Alongside the Jury of children, the international Jury of Professionals composed of critics, actors and filmmakers from 5 countries will have the difficult task of choosing the best films from a range of titles that, although recent, are already appreciated and got the aura at prestigious festivals in Europe or beyond.