IN YOUR DREAMS! – Czech Republic-Slovakia-Bulgaria / Cehia-Slovacia-Bulgaria, 2016

Duration: 79 min.
Screenplay: Egon Tobiáš
Director: Petr Oukropec
Cast: Laura — Barbora Štikarová, Luky — Toman Rychtera,
Mother(mama) — Klára Melišková, Father (tatal) — Ivan Martinka
Producers: Negativ — Petr Oukropec & Pavel Strnad, Arina — Silvia Panáková & ErikPanák,
The Chouchkov Brothers —Borislav Chouchkov & Viktor Chouchkov, Česká televize — Helena Uldrichová


16-years-old Laura is swift, lively and stubborn. She wants to join a group of parkourists and gets caught off guard by love which she starts feeling toward Luky. She starts living a double life. In the fantasy world of romantic and comic visions Luky belongs to her. In reality her attempt to get closer to Luky fails. The moment these two worlds somehow entwine, Laura has to decide which one she wants to choose.