THE GAMES MAKER – Argentina-Canada-Italy /Argentina-Canada-Italia, 2014

Duration: 111 min.
Screenplay: Juan Pablo Buscarini
Director: Juan Pablo Buscarini
Cast: David Mazouz (Ivan), Joseph Fiennes (Modorian), Tom Cavanagh ( father/tatal)
Producer: Pampa Films, Sepia Films, Dap Italy


Ivan, 10 year-old, loves to create games. One day he comes across an ad for a game-making competition sponsored by the Profound Games Company and enters the contest. A letter arrives from Morodian, the company’s president: Ivan has won. His prize is a stick-on tattoo: Ivan puts on it and he discovers it’s permanent. Not long after, Ivan’s parents mysteriously disappear. He is sent to live at Possum, a gloomy boarding school, where he receives a message from his grandfather, a legendary games maker, telling him to come to Zyl, the game-making capital. Ivan escapes from the school and arrives in the dark, run-down Zyl, where discovers that his tattoo is the missing piece of a jigsaw puzzle that controls the destiny of Zyl, and that Morodian is involved in his parents disappearance. In order to restore order to Zyl and defeat Morodian, Ivan must solve the puzzle of his life.