BIRDS OF PASSAGE  –  Belgium-France / Belgia – Franta, 2015

Duration: 84
Screenplay: Olivier Ringer
Director: Olivier Ringer
Cast: Lea Warny, Clarisse Djurosky
Producers: Yves Ringer – Ring Prod / Les Films d/Antoine


For Cathy, it is not always easy to be born on February 29th, especially when for her tenth birthday, her father gives her an egg to hatch. But it is probably less difficult than to be suffering from myopathy as her best friend Margaux. When the egg hatches in front of Margaux, a duckling crawls out of the egg thinking that the little girl is its mother. But Margaux is unable to take care of the duckling, because she is stuck on a wheelchair and will soon have to go living in an institution. So her parents decided to get rid of the bird. When Cathy and Margaux learn that the duckling has to end up as canned food, they leave for an adventurous journey to rescue it.