BOY IN THE MIRROR – Brasil/Brazilia, 2014

Duration: 80 min.
Screenplay: Film adaptation of best-seller “The Boy in the Mirror” by Fernando Sabino
Director: Guilherme Fiúza Zenha
Cast:  Lino Facioli (Fernando & Odnanref) , Mateus Solano, Regiane Alves, Ricardo Blat
Producer: Andre Carreira – Camisa Listrada

Fernando is a kid who intensely lives all his fantasies with a lot of imagination. From the start a plane of his own design doesn‘t survive its first flight and crashes into a chicken stand. Fernando and his friends form a secret society that solves great mysteries– such as a haunted house. But he needs more free time for his adventures, which means not going to school every day where he has problems with school bullies.
How about a double? His wish comes true and Fernando can start enjoying further quests for mysteries. His double Odnanref can handle everything at school and at home. The arrival of his cousinCintie disrupts everything, because both boys begin vying  for her attention. Odnanref wants to completely replace Fernando and Fernando‘s gang must stop him.