Pappu’s Path – India/India, 2014

Duration: 90 min.
Screenplay: Pramod Singh, Seemaa Desai
Director: Seemaa Desai
Cast:  Master Hardik Khanna (Pappu), Atul Parchure (Genie/duhul),
Anupam Bhattacharya   Arvind (Father/tatal), JaswinderGardner
Neeta (Mother/mama), Master Prince Shah (Arjun)
Producer: Children’s Film Society, India (CFSI)


Pappu, a young  boy from a lower middle class family, felt fortunate enough to get admitted in the prestigious school of his town but his excitement proved to be short-lived as he started having adjustment issues in his new school.
His rich classmates made fun of his humble background and looked down upon the innovative toys and gadgets that he made from waste with the help of his jobless engineer father.
The child continues to suffer silently until one day when he comes face to face with a genie (spirit) and he feels that all his troubles are going to be over now.
But the genie expresses his inability, saying magic is not something permanent and Pappu has to work hard for his dreams.
To encourage a disappointed Pappu, the genie tells him that there are so many ways to become popular and there are all types of success in this world.  If you look around you will find a way. Ask yourself what you are good at, what special skills you possess and then think how you can use them to help people.
The film teaches some invaluable lessons, to make one realize that there are no shortcuts to happiness and he identifies his own strength.